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Wooden Coaster

This set of 6 drink / beverage coasters comes with a decorated holder and is suitable to be used with beer, wine and any other such beverages and in all settings like homes, office, car, outdoors, garden, etc. It has been handcrafted with care using traditional skills and techniques by artisans from Saharanpur. The wood used is a premium and durable hardwood with a beautiful grain called Indian Rosewood (also called Shisham / Sheesham) and lasts for a long time. The coasters have been made in a cool unique retro design that is rustic yet modern for great usability for both men and women. The great cultural and novelty value of the product means that it is great as a gift for both men and women, especially on special occasions like Christmas, New Year etc. Rusticity stands for the quality of being rustic. Our products are created to add a traditional rustic flavor to your lives at the same time creating modern usability and value. All our products are sourced in a fair and responsible manner and provide some highly needed support to these traditional arts and crafts that are dying.

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